Publications (grouped by topic)

  1. AI governance and human rights

K. Jones, Human Rights Should be at the Heart of AI and Technology Governance, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, 21 February 2023

All Tech Is Human, AI and Human Rights: Building a Tech Future Aligned with the Public Interest (profile interview), June 2022

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K. Jones, AI governance and human rights: Resetting the relationship (Chatham House Research Paper, 2023)
Interview on Christian Hunt’s Human Risk podcast, September 2022

2. Disinformation, manipulation and human rights

EUvsDisinfo interview, Protecting Freedom of Speech Against Information Manipulation, August 2022

K. Jones, Persuasion or Manipulation? Limiting Campaigning Online, Chatham House 2021

K. Jones, Mental Autonomy Must Be Preserved as Tech Advances, Chatham House 2020

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K. Jones, Protecting Political Discourse from Online Manipulation: the International Human Rights Law Framework (2021) 1 E.H.R.L.R. 68-79 (available to Westlaw subscribers)

3. Foreign interference (including disinformation)

K. Jones, The West Needs a Holistic Strategy to Counter Foreign Interference, World Politics Review, 19 December 2022

K. Jones, In-depth analysis on Legal Loopholes and the Risk of Foreign Interference, European Parliament Special Committee on foreign interference in all democratic processes in the European Union, including disinformation (ING2), 2023

4. Role of technical standards in emerging tech governance

K. Jones, E. Taylor and C. Caeiro, Internet Tech Standards Are the Next Human Rights Battleground, World Politics Review, 7 September 2021

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5. Other tech governance topics

K. Jones, Without Regulation, the Metaverse will be like Social Media on Steroids, World Politics Review, 28 April 2022

K. Jones, The UK is Taking Aim at Online Risks for Children, World Politics Review, 14 September 2021

K. Jones, The UK Takes a Stab at Regulating Social Media Platforms, World Politics Review, 24 August 2021

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K. Jones and E. Taylor, The US and Europe Can’t Each Go It Alone Against Big Tech, World Politics Review, 19 February 2021

K. Jones, Regulating Big Tech: Lessons from COVID-19, Chatham House 2020

6. Other topics (earlier work)

K. Jones, Humanitarian Action and Non-state Armed Groups: The UK Regulatory Environment, Chatham House 2017

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